Terms & Conditions

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Condition of items
Photographs and condition reports are taken before and after rentals take place.
As these are hire pieces, there may be some general wear and tear on some items. However, great care is taken to ensure items are of a sufficient quality, and where there are any issues with condition beyond regular wear and tear, photographs and descriptions will be provided prior to rental. Should you decide to process with the rental with this knowledge, you forfeit your right to a refund if you change your mind.
In the event an item is damaged beyond general wear and tear during a rental, the bond will be forfeited. If the damage is repairable and the cost to do so is beyond the bond paid, you will be liable for the excess costs. If the damage is irreparable or precludes the item from being used for hire purposes again, the full RRP minus the rental fee (excluding postage costs) will be owed and the item will be provided to you to keep. Postage charges apply to damaged ex-rental items being sent out.
Loss of items while they are in your possession results in forfeiture of the bond, and the difference between the bond and the item’s RRP must be paid. Items that are lost by Australia Post either to or from a rental are my responsibility, and renters will not be penalised for this.
All postage is conducted through Australia Post via the express service (unless specifically stated otherwise, or an alternative courier is requested). This method involves an automatic authority to leave if there is deemed to be a safe place on the premises. I take no responsibility for items once they have been left at a premises in the event of loss or theft. Should you require signature on delivery, please alert me as soon as possible, and I will advise you of the cost payable.
Postage costs vary depending on the item, as different items require various sizes of satchels and varying extra cover fees. Postal costs include two-way express postage, with a pre-filled returns satchel included in the parcel. If this is misplaced, the renter is liable to pay the return costs, which must be express and include the same extra cover as the included satchel (if applicable).
I am not responsible for postal delays, and refunds will not be provided if items do not arrive in time, provided they are posted within a reasonable timeframe (specifically the timeframe dictated on the Aus Post website at the time of rental) to arrive by the due date. Great care is taken to ensure items are sent out as soon as possible to avoid late delivery, however, renters assume the risk of items not arriving in time if postage is selected. If an item does not reach you in time as a result of late postage by myself (insufficient to delivery times indicated by Australia Post), a refund will be provided on the condition that the parcel remains fully intact. Should the satchel be opened, this is treated as an ordinary rental regardless of the arrival date, and you will not be refunded.
Returning items
Postal: Items must be returned by the end of the four-day rental period. A photo of the lodgement receipt must be sent through once this has been completed. Items must be lodged either over the counter at a post office, or into a yellow express street post box before the time of collection (typically 3pm in-store or 4pm into a post box) on the day the postage is due.
In person: Please arrange a time to return the item, and arrive as scheduled. Should the item be returned beyond the four day rental window due to issues with my schedule, late fees shall not apply.
A condition report and photographs of the item in its current state will be taken immediately prior to return.
Bookings and payment
The rental period for all garments is either 4 or 8 days. Should you require an extended rental, contact me to obtain a quote. This is to be negotiated prior to renting, and cannot be arranged once items have been received. In this event, late return fees will be applicable for longer rentals.
I reserve the right to cancel a booking at any time, although great care will be taken to provide as much notice as possible. In the event of a cancellation on my end, a full refund will be provided via the original payment method.
A bond is payable on top of the rental cost of each item, and will be returned to you once items have returned from the dry cleaners (to ensure any marks/stains are removable prior to a full bond return). If items are returned damaged, late, or dirty beyond reasonable expectations, the cost of repairs, late fees or additional dry cleaning costs will be deducted from the bond. Should these costs exceed the bond, you are liable to pay the remaining amount.
The bond payable depends on the RRP of the item, and is as follows:
RRP <$100: $20 bond
RRP $101-$199: $40 bond
RRP $200-$299: $60 bond
RRP $300-$449: $85 bond
RRP $450-$649: $100 bond
RRP $650-799: $125 bond
RRP>$800: $150 bond
Cancellations may be made up to a week before the date of rental, and will result in store credit only. Cancellations may not be made after this point, and the full rental price will be payable regardless of whether the rental goes ahead. However, should an event be cancelled due to a snap COVID-19 lockdown, store credit minus applicable postage costs will be provided as long as the payment for rental was not made after the announcement of a lockdown. In this scenario, parcels that have been sent out must remain unopened, or the rental fee will be payable.
Refunds/store credit are unfortunately unable to be provided in the event of a garment not fitting/suiting you. If you have queries regarding the fit of an item, contact me in order to obtain measurements and/or additional photos. Alternatively, you can make a booking for a try on in Doncaster, VIC.
Cleaning in accordance with the care label is included in the price, unless there is exceptional staining or other marks. In this instance, the extra cleaning fee will be deducted from the bond, and a dry cleaners receipt will be provided to you for the sake of transparency. Items must not be cleaned before their return, as every fabric requires a different cleaning process and incorrect treatment can result in damage.
Try ons
Try ons are available in Doncaster, VIC. The address is also residential, so is not publicly available, but will be provided at the time of booking. A service fee of $15 applies to bookings for try ons, which will be deducted from the payable rental fee. This fee is not refundable in the case of deciding against renting an item, however a coupon code for the fee will be created (valid for 6 months from date of issue). Failure to show up to a booked time will result in forfeiture of this fee. If you are running late, you must contact me as soon as possible, although there is no guarantee that I am able to accommodate try ons outside of booking windows.